About Mad Floki

A use case with a real purpose in and outside of the blockchain

We built Mad Floki with some unique features, these include but are not limited to the following.


Here at Mad Floki security for investors is at the forefront to ensure each one of you within our community is protected. We have carried out extensive ways of safeguarding our community within the world of crypto. Firstly, the liquidity has been completely locked and the contract has been audited by an external party.

In addition, our developer has completed KYC security checks with various companies from Audit Rate to Poocoin in hope of giving our community the peace of mind when investing with us.
Locked Liquidity

Buy & Sell Tax

Mad Floki Tax is 8% of each transaction.
- liquidity: 2%
- Marketing: 5%
- Team/Development: 1%

Massive Marketing Plan

As we care and value our community, a percentage of every buy and sell is allocated to the Marketing wallet in BNB for us to return the favour of your trust. Our team have implemented a way of converting this to BNB in real-time to avoid enormous dumps which safeguards our investors.

Here at Mad Floki, we value our investors. With the trust of our community, we will have the power to fuel our most ambitious projects in service of further rewarding our community.

Mad Floki Tokenomics

Stealth Launch, No Private Sale!

Started with Stealth Launch without any Private Sale, Whitelist Sale or Reserved Tokens.


Mad Floki





Total Supply

100 M

Buy Taxes


Sell Taxes


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Mad Floki Roadmap

Mad Floki to The Future!

Looking forward we have big plans to become a recognised player in and outside of the crypto space,
we plan on not only delivering a solid token built from the ground up but also a token where you will always feel valued as a community member and never have to worry about safety because that comes as standard here at $MADF.

Mad Floki History

We are a team that takes pride in returning the trust of our investors, we have added various new functions to our contract in order to future proof $MADF and continue the longevity.
You will be pleased to know we now have the ability to change the rewards the token pays out to our fantastic community. Moreover, in , we have also added an amazing feature which now allows a buy back that will in return enable us to burn supply and increase the price of $MADF.

Phase 1

■ Build hype ✔️
■ Website & Social Media Release ✔️
■ Stealth launch ✔️

Phase 2

■ Marketing push ✔️
■ Influencer line up
■ 3000 Telegram members

Phase 3

■ CMC listing
■ CG listing
■ Outside telegram marketing

Phase 4

■ Eth bridge
■ 10,000 telegram members
■ P2E game

Phase 5

■ Exchange listings
■ Moon

Mad Floki Team

Experienced, Talented and Creative!

The Team here at Mad Floki are a very experienced and diverse team.
By blending the expertise of our investment team, marketing team, moderators and developers, we have built an exclusive cryptocurrency for our community. Mad Floki positions itself as a solid extension in the crypto space. For that reason, we care and value our community.


Team & Dedicated People


Core & Marketing Team


Combined Years of Experience

How to Buy

Purchase Mad Floki Today!

You can purchase Mad Floki from Pancakeswap using your Mobile Wallet or Metamask.

What you need is a Mobile wallet like Trust Wallet or Browser wallet like Metamask. After purchasing some BNB and transfering them to your wallet, you can buy Mad Floki from Pancakeswap or Poocoin easily.


Contact Mad Floki Team

We are happy to help. Ask all of your questions and concerns in our Telegram group.

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